Crimea peninsula has too many sights to see! There are mountains, plains, sea, completely different nature, many palaces, churches, cave towns. There are sacred sites, places of power, pagan temples in Crimea. There are also places where a lot of famous films were shot. It seems everyone can find a trip to one’s liking! Guests of the peninsula will have unforgettable experience with excursions across Crimea!

What excursions across Crimea are the most interesting? What to see first?

Caves of Crimea

Crimea has beautiful nature! One of the most striking natural attractions is Chatyr-Dag mountain. There are numerous caves, including Marble Caves (one of the most beautiful in the world). Caves in Crimea are well equipped to be visited, and walk around will not pose much difficulty, there are comfortable paths and lighting everywhere. In Marble Cave, it is worth to go through the Fairy Valley where nature itself intricately created fantastic heroes. There are all kinds of formations, including corals, in caves. And the path ends near beautiful lakes!

Another cave to be visited is Emine Bayır Hasar. Serpentine corridors, huge rooms, bones of extinct animals - this is an unforgettable experience!

Excursion ends with walk at the bottom of Chatyr-Dag.

Sevastopol, Balaklava, Tauric Chersonese

You cannot come to Crimea and miss to know the city-hero of Sevastopol, an open-air museum with more than one and a half thousand monuments! Tourists will see Seaside and Historic Boulevards, the Monument to the Scuttled Ships, Nakhimov square, the Count's Quay. During spare time in the city, you can take a boat, visit the Oceanarium or Costa Rica park of tropical butterflies which has an analogue only in the UK! Balaklava town is just 15 km away from Sevastopol. Its main attraction is a beautiful bay which never waves and, moreover, it is not visible from the sea. There are also numerous grottoes and fortress. Balaklava has its own interesting history about which a tour guide will tell you. Excursion ends with visiting a national reserve of Tauric Chersonese, which is among the UNESCO monuments. Once it was an ancient Greek city with its interesting history. Here tourists will see St. Vladimir's Cathedral that rises over the ancient city ruins.


Koktebel + Feodosiya

Feodosiya is an unofficial capital of the South-Eastern Crimea. First of all, here you should see the Genoese fortress. After the fortress you will visit the Church of the Iveron icon of the Mother of God, where some fragments of unique frescoes of Theophanes the Greek have survived up to now. There are wonder-working icons - to which you can venerate and ask the inmost . And certainly Aivazovsky art gallery deserves the attention, as he was born exactly here! Today you can see up to 400 works of this artist in the gallery, as well as to visit his house.

Tour to Feodosiya is often combined with a tour to Koktebel. It is a small resort town. Much in Koktebel goes by the name of a poet, artist and traveller Voloshin. You should visit the Museum of Voloshin in Crimea, which will leave unforgettable impressions. After visiting the Museum, tourists can visit the Karodag Reserve. It is huge volcanic solid, where over a thousand different plants grow! And what unforgettable views open around! This place is one of the most interesting reserves that will surely leave many bright impressions!

Alushta and Jur-Jur waterfall (Karasan Palace, Alushta sightseeing tour)

Such a journey begins with Alushta sightseeing tour - famous resort city with a lot of interesting things! For example, ruins of Aluston fortress, where the scenes of "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style" film were shot. Or Plaka cape, where the Palace of Princess Gagarina - similar to the fairytale castle - is located! Plaka cape offer a wonderful view, including over the well-known Ayu-Dag mountain, or Bear Mountain, as it is commonly named in Crimea.

After visiting Alushta the path goes to the waterfall. Jur-Jur waterfall is located in the gorge at a height of 468 m. This is the biggest and powerful waterfall in Crimea. It does not dry at any time of the year! Here is a few baths, including "Remission of Sins".

Big Yalta (Ay-Petri, the Vorontsov Palace, the Swallow's Nest)

Ay-Petri is the most famous mountain in Crimea covered with many legends you will hear on excursions. Its total height is just 1234 m, but there are the most beautiful views over the South coast of Crimea! You can ascend the mountain by car, stopping at the most interesting places. And go down by ropeway and get unforgettable impressions! At the top of the mountain you can make spectacular pictures, sit in a restaurant or visit wine tasting. There is the Vorontsov Palace at the bottom of Ay-Petri - former summer residence of count Vorontsov. This is the most beautiful palace in Crimea! Inside, here are living rooms with elegant interiors - bedrooms, halls, library, winter garden with numerous sculptures. After walking through the Palace, tourists will see series of palaces and gardens. The final part of the excursion is the Swallow's Nest Palace, which is at the top of the mountain and just seems like a toy! The Palace is the most recognizable place here. There are a lot of steps to the Palace, but do not afraid - the rise is not steep and you will easily overcome it. Moreover, there are such beautiful views on the way!

Also the Sun Temple, the Valley of Ghosts, Cape Tarkhankut, cave cities of Bakhchisarai - here is just a small list of excursions in Crimea.

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